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Who created Refuel Retreats?

Refuel Retreats were created and run by LeaderTreks, a youth ministry leadership organization.

Who will facilitate my Refuel Retreat?

Refuel Retreats are facilitated by the President of LeaderTreks, Doug Franklin, along with different team members of LeaderTreks.

How much is a Refuel Retreat?

Refuel Retreats are meant to be both affordable and a unique experience, so the cost is determined by the Refuel Experience you choose. Check out the cost section of each page to learn more. In addition, we always want youth workers to experience with their spouses, so we’ve created a special discounted Spouse Rate.

What does the cost include?

The cost includes all your training sessions, training materials, and a catered dinner on the first night of the retreat. Cost does not include housing and travel.

How much is housing?

Through our partnerships, we are able to offer great discounted rates for housing at our locations. Check out our location pages for more information on booking rooms.

Can I get a refund if I decide not to attend?

Outside of 30 days from the event, your registration is 50% refundable. Within 30 days of the event, your registration is not refundable.

Can I transfer my registration to another person if I can’t attend?

As long as you contact us, you can always transfer your registration to another person if you are unable to attend Refuel.

How do I book my housing?

You can book your housing by calling the resort listed on the location page of the Refuel Retreat you are attending.

Do I have to stay at the resort?

No. You have the freedom to stay wherever you would like. If you live close to our Refuel Retreat, commute from home. Or if you have family or friends in the area, feel free to stay with them.

What activities are available for me to enjoy?

At each location, there are various unique and exciting activities for you to enjoy during your free time. Visit the resort page to learn more, or call us at LeaderTreks for our recommendations.

Are there food options at the resort?

Most of the resorts offer full service restaurants, however visit each location page to learn about the resorts.

What time does Refuel start?

We get started at location at 5pm on the first day of the retreat. After getting to know each other, we will eat dinner and dive into our first session.

How long is each session?

Our first session runs from about 5:00pm to 9:00pm, but includes dinner. Our sessions the next two days start around 8:30am and go until around 12:30pm.

Where is the optional dinner out on the second day?

On the second day we offer an optional dinner out for all Refuel participants at a local restaurant. At each location we try to choose a favorite local restaurant. We would love to have you join the group, but it is completely optional.

How many people attend Refuel?

We never wanted to create a massive, one size fits all youth pastor conference. Refuel Retreats allow you to interact with other youth workers in meaningful ways, so most Refuel Retreats will never have more than 50 people.

What are the topics?

Each topic has been carefully selected. To learn more about the topics, visit the topic page on the Refuel website.

What do I need to bring?

Refuel is a casual environment, so plan on wearing comfortable clothing, but also pack for the weather depending on your location and time of year. Bring your Bible and a pen and any additional items you may need for optional activities (golf clubs, swim suit, etc.).

What is the setup of the training?

Refuel Retreats are meant to be environments where discussion and community building happen, so our room is setup with large circular tables. Participants get time to discuss the topics presented and collaborate with other youth workers.

Where are Refuel Retreats?

Refuel Retreats are in various locations, so whether you want to travel across the country or stay close to home, there is a Refuel that fits you. Check out the Locations page for more information.

How do I get to Refuel?

All of our Refuel Retreats are within driving distance to a major airport. If you choose to fly, you will need ground transportation to the resort where we are hosting Refuel.


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